Nothing resembles the Aquarian Age so much as being drenched in media,
more specifically, aerial transmission and communication, the demise of
the nuclear family in favor of friendships and focus on technology to
solve our problems. The influence of Uranus assures that things are
turned upside-down, that our toleracne for dreams and fantasy outweighs
tangible experience; thus we interact by way of electronic and artificial
interface. Since the space age demands that our world proceed faster,
depite the actual human contribution it may be true that our inventions
take on a life of their own and the dark portents of man being slaved to
machines come true, even today, where the automobile has become a
cornerstone of commerce although it is the number one cause of death and injury. To the effect that these technologies are no longer a matter of
convenience, as convenience assumes that the user has a choice, we see that these novelties become necessities and with this necessity, some of our free will.




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AIN23 Sacramento, California

Autonomous Individuals Network was founded in 2008 as a progressive international community founded on esoteric and magickal ideas, and the exploration ov thee Creative Individual Potential factor within these paradigms.

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