Professor Sonic + Thee Uncondemning Monk - Deep Seeded Tide

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"Deep Seeded Tide (DST) was inspired by a previous collaboration between Professor Sonic (PS) & Thee Uncondemning Monk (UM) on thee 'Contact Collaboration 5 (2011)' from Hal McGee []. UM & PS are both practicing sigil magicians and their audio collaborations are audio sigils/spells. DST is the second collaborative piece from PS & UM. PS created 23 tracks of a desire encoded in glitch audio. Some of the audio tracks were processed & tweaked through r0b0.coder []. UM then chose which tracks he liked and remixed/added his own magick too thee process producing the ambient track you hear here." - Prof.Sonic

"As Professor Sonic states, we both are into using audio sigils, and have a method of turning audio-intentions into sigils by transforming the audio-intentional statement into a glitch-audio, by transforming the audio-intention a RAW sound file. We do this with the understanding of an holotropic theory that even in transformation and cut-up all is still contained even in its fragmentation and transformation; even when totally unintelligible we believe our unconscious (that material substrate that connects us all) still understands and can comprehend and carry out said intentions of our sigil like an infectious meme sent out into the 'aethers'. And once the audio-intention is transformed and no longer legible as such, it becomes our audio-sigil. The process worked as such, we both came up with a statement of intention that fit for our secret purposes, our general theme was abundance. After which Zoser23 sent Thee Uncondemning Monk (UM) 23 versions of the glitch-sigil (audio-sigil), Thee UM then chose six of the 23 that we liked and then worked with these to create a new ambient piece, which included two additional instruments (both synthetic, The Uncondemning Monk primarily uses Ableton, when not working with the actual instruments). And hence the final work was produced. We then knocked back and forth a few names for the song, a few titles, until we came up with, Deep Seeded Tides. In Chaos and L ov E"
Thee UM


from Open Circuit Transmission 2012, released December 21, 2012
Professor Sonic & Thee Uncondemning Monk created this track exclusively for the Open Circuit Transmission Compilation.



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