One Infinite Memory - Discipline

from by AIN23



this track is a cover of a song by Throbbing Gristle.

"Thee inspiration to do a tribute to Throbbing Gristle's "Discipline" came from a time El was traveling and was stuck in a college town with little money and nowhere to go. Wandering through town, El felt inspired to pick up some sticks and click them together while walking, turning my wandering into a marching meditation. El noticed that El was unconsciously clicking thee rhythm to thee original Discipline composition by TG. Looking at thee people El was staying with at thee time, and slightly disgusted with their habits and lack ov real purpose, El decided that El was going to cover this as a ritual for myself to banish thee lingering energy from that place. F452 ov One Infinite Loop had proposed a collaboration previously, so that came to mind and worked out very well, in my opinion. El did all ov thee rhythmic portions ov thee track and F452 contributed drones and sonic sigils. Layering them on top in Exquisite Corpse style, it all came together with ease, inspiring future collaborations and a deeper appreciation ov each others creative styles" - Fr.464

"After petitioning the idea of a collaboration with Accidental Memories towards creating something, F464 surprised me with the idea of doing a cover of Throbbing Gristle's "Discipline". You know, life has an interesting way of doing things.. My laptop crashed shortly after, and I had to force myself into using equipment I was not familiar with. F464 sent me the beats and the tempo.. I was extremely pleased with the skill involved with the song, so I began a sigil process of incorporating audio sigil cut-ups using various sampling techniques and physical glitching of the sounds. After making the mix of that set to thee same tempo, to our excitement it accidentally blended very well. Encouraged by this, I had blindly recorded 4 more drone/noise tracks to be layered into the mix. F464 did the very same thing, placing them in, and seeing how it sounds. This was a very exciting collaboration and we plan on recording more together in the future." - Fr.452


from Open Circuit Transmission 2012, released December 21, 2012
ONE INFINITE LOOP+ACCIDENTAL MEMORIES=ONE INFINITE MEMORY. This track is a collab done exclusively for this comp.



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